How to Repair a Sleep Number Bed LED Display

Select Comfort is the company that distributes Sleep Number beds. Sleep Number beds are air-chambered mattresses that are manipulated by a hand-held controller that controls an air compressor. There are either two wired remotes or one wireless remote that controls the air pressure on both sides of the bed, depending on your model. The remote has an LED screen that relays the number that represents the firmness of the bed, or your "sleep comfort number," with 100 being the firmest.

Sleep Number beds use air to establish the firmness or softness of the mattress.

Step 1

Press the up or down arrow on the controller to see whether the screen comes back on.

Step 2

Hold the back of the controller against the palm of your hand and fingers while pressing the LED screen and omitting pressure onto it for three seconds.

Step 3

Call the customer service number at 1-888-580-9237 to troubleshoot with a trained Select Comfort technician if the screen does not come back on with the previous steps. The technician will help you to determine whether the controller is defective.

Step 4

Request a new controller if the technician determines the remote LED screen is defective. If it is under warranty, a new one will be sent to you. A nominal fee may apply, especially if your bed is no longer under warranty.