What Is the Difference Between a Platform Bed & a Regular Bed?

Several differences exist between a regular bed, which uses box springs, and a platform bed. Despite this, each can provide a bedroom with an individual feel and look; one is not really better than the other. While platform beds tend to be slightly more versatile and often less costly than regular beds, they typically do not lend themselves to traditional bedroom décor.

You can get a good night's rest in a platform or regular bed.

Mattress Support

The primary difference between a platform bed and a regular bed is what the mattress rests on. While both styles of bed use the same type of mattress, a platform bed uses slats or a solid piece of wood to support the mattress. A regular bed, on the other hand, uses box springs for support, which are metal springs encased in a frame. Most find little difference between the comfort of the two styles, and the platform bed does not cause damage to the mattress.


These two styles of bed also differ in how low they can sit to the ground. A box spring bed naturally increases the height of the mattress as it needs to rest on the box springs, which rest on the frame of the bed. A platform bed, however, is capable of sitting lower to the ground because the platform does not add any additional height. For those who prefer their bed to be high above the ground, several manufacturers offer platform-style beds with a higher frame, making it similar to the standard height of a regular bed.


A regular bed does not generally have built-in storage underneath the frame. While installing these is possible, the frame of a regular bed is usually open until the box spring is in place. A platform bed, however, often has built-in drawers or even shelving at its base. As the platform is always in place, whether there is a mattress on the bed or not, having sturdy shelving or drawers underneath is easier.


Platform beds typically require less bedding than the regular variety. With a normal bed, a skirt or wrap is usually needed to conceal the box springs; without these, the bed will typically appear undone. A platform bed can simply be dressed with sheets and a comforter; there is no visual need for a skirt, which allows for an overall different look than a regular bed; platform beds tend to have cleaner lines and lower profiles, something that has made them favorites in Asia and Europe.