How to Raise Trundle Beds

Trundles are easily stored beds that fit in the space beneath a traditional bed or sofa. Unlike air mattresses, stowaway beds or cots, trundle beds require little space and permit the use of a standard mattress. Some trundle beds have fixed frames that remain at an uncomfortably low height. Pop-up or lift-up trundle beds feature a mechanism that enables the user to raise the trundle bed to the height of a normal bed. This feature makes it possible to treat the trundle as a normal bed or push it against the main bed to expand the sleeping surface.

Always help children set up a trundle bed.

Step 1

Slide the trundle bed out from under the mattress.

Step 2

Engage the brakes by switching the lever located on the wheels.

Step 3

Remove any objects on top of the mattress. Proceed with caution; some beds pop up with considerable force.

Step 4

Release the bed lock located on the side of the frame near the head of the bed. The lock can be a hook-and-latch or button release. Disengage the secondary lock located at the foot of the bed, if there is one.

Step 5

Lock the bed in the raised position by re-latching the lock at the head of the bed.