Select Comfort Bed Inflation Controller Reset Code Instructions

Select Comfort SleepNumber Systems are adjustable beds that require a remote control, called the Firmness Control. This allows you to inflate the bed, making it softer or firmer according to your personal preference. Each side of your bed is controlled separately allowing for independent levels of firmness. The Firmness Control sometimes loses communication with the base and needs to be reset. The resynchronization process must be completed in 60 seconds.

The bed accomodates two levels of firmness.

Resynchronizing the remote control

Be sure that the plug is in a working outlet.

Make sure the system is plugged in. If it is plugged into an outlet controlled by a switch, or is plugged into a surge protector, make sure those devices are powered on.

Unplug the cord and plug it in again.

When you are sure that the system has power, unplug the power cord and plug it in again.

Step 3

Press any button on the remote control. This should power it on and it should work properly again.

Step 4

If the problem is not fixed, unplug it then plug it back in again.

Step 5

Press any button to power the remote control on.

Step 6

Press the up and down buttons at the same time. This will start a timer, it will count backwards from "10" to "1." Two dashed lines will then appear followed by the code "C1." After you see "C1" let go of both buttons.

Step 7

Press both buttons at the same time again and you will see code "1C." Let go of the buttons one last time and your settings should be back to normal and the controller should work properly.