How to Activate the Remote for a Sleep Number Bed

A Sleep Number bed contains an air pump and compartments within the mattress for adjusting the firmness and contours of the bed. The air pump directs pressure to different compartments so that you can set the middle section to a firmness level different from the foot or head of the bed. You make adjustments using the remote control, which goes into hibernate mode after a period of inactivity. Some Sleep Number bed models are equipped with two zones for separate adjustments to the left and right side, using the same remote.

Use the remote control to adjust your Sleep Number mattress.

Step 1

Slide the battery compartment cover off the back of the remote control by pressing the cover with a thumb. Install a 9-volt battery to the snap-on battery cap wired inside the remote control battery compartment. The small cap on the top of the battery clips to the large cap on the battery connector.

Step 2

Replace the battery compartment cover by sliding it into position until it clicks into place, and then turn over the remote control to face the buttons.

Step 3

Press any button to activate the remote control, which will shut off automatically after a few minutes.

Step 4

Press the "L" or "R" button on the remote control for a dual-chamber Sleep Number bed to activate the pump from the left or right side of the bed. Use the up and down arrow buttons to increase or decrease air pressure on each side of the bed.