How to Remove Dresser Mirror Backing

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Things You'll Need

  • Standard screwdriver

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Flat pry bar

Many dressers have a mirror that is attached to them. The mirror is held into the frame with a thin piece of wood or cardboard. If the mirror needs to be replaced, it must first be removed. Removing the mirror requires that the backing, whether it is wood or cardboard, be removed so the mirror can be taken out of the frame. Every precaution must be taken to avoid injury when removing the mirror, especially if it is cracked.


Step 1

Pull the dresser away from the wall to gain access to the rear.

Step 2

Examine the mirror to determine how the frame is attached to the dresser. Some mirror frames are part of the dresser and cannot be removed. Some are attached with brackets and some are set on top of the dresser. It is best to separate the mirror frame from the dresser, if possible.

Step 3

Remove the mirror frame from the dresser, if possible, and lay it face down on the floor. This may require the use of either a standard or Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws that secure the frame to the brackets, if they are present.


Step 4

Look at how the backing is attached to the frame. There could be bent-over staples, small clips or nails that secure the backing.

Step 5

Extract the fasteners from around the backing. If the fasteners are small clips, use the proper screwdriver to remove the screws that hold on the clips. If the fasteners are bent staples, use the flat blade of a standard screwdriver to pry up the bent part of the staples. If the backing is nailed into the frame, use a flat pry bar to pry up the nails to remove them. The backing can then be removed to access the mirror.


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