How to Remove Thomasville Dresser Drawers

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Thomasville is based in North Carolina and is known for its high-end, American-made furniture. The company was founded in 1904 as Thomasville Chair Co., and nowadays many of its designs are reproductions of classic furniture. Thomasville offers a number of different dressers with drawers that are all removable if you go about it the right way. According to a Thomasville website, it uses fully concealed, epoxy-coated, self-aligning guides for its drawers.


Step 1

Pull the Thomasville dresser drawer out as far as it will go. The drawer will usually stop short of opening all the way, to prevent it from falling out of the dresser.

Step 2

Feel along the sides of the Thomasville dresser drawer. There should be a small button, located along the bottom side of each drawer, that will allow the draw to come free from the guide. Press the button.

Step 3

Lift up on the drawer while pressing the button to remove it from the dresser.

Step 4

To replace the drawer, hold down on the button and place the drawer back on the guides.



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