The Difference Between Sealy Cushion Firm & Plush

Sealy has long been known as a manufacturer of mattresses. The company also manufactures various types of stuffed bedding and accessories. Sealy makes mattresses, pillows and cushions of varying degrees of firmness to accommodate the different tastes and needs of its customers. The company describes its range with a standard set of names, indicating a level of firmness along a continuum ranging from ultra plush, at the softest end of the range, to firm, which is at the firmest end of the range. Plush is at the second level of the soft end of the range.

Firm and plush mattresses provide different levels of comfort.


Sealy's cushioned mattresses come in four comfort levels: ultra plush, plush, cushion firm and firm. Ultra plush provides the softest surface and is preferred by those who like extremely soft cushioning. Plush is still soft, but with an added level of firmness for those who like comfort without much give when moving about. Cushion firm is a soft version of firm, which combines hardness with a bit of cushioning. Firm is the hardest comfort level and provides a firm yet comfortable surface for those who like a mattress without the extra plush and softness.

Comfort Scales

Firm mattresses usually fall close to point two on the mattress comfort scale. A comfort scale rating of two to four means a mattress is comfortable, but its level of hardness is very similar to that of sleeping on a carpeted floor. Plush mattresses are usually in a comfort point rating range of five to seven. The higher ratings are for plush mattresses with a pillow top. Mattresses at the higher end of the rating provide a sleeping experience comparable to sleeping on a water bed.


The level of support that a mattress offers is determined by the quality of its innersprings and the mechanism by which the springs distribute body weight and pressure over the mattress. Support is not the same as comfort levels. Both firm and plush mattresses are made to provide different levels of support to meet your preferred requirements. A firm mattress and a plush mattress constructed with the same interior mechanisms will provide similar levels of support.


The comfort level of a mattress is determined by the types of materials with which it is made. Firm mattresses are usually constructed from harder materials, such as foam and latex and covered with a firm fabric such as cotton. Plush mattresses usually contain softer materials, such as soft polyester or down fillings and are covered with soft fabrics such as silk and cashmere.