The Average Size of a Double Bed

One of the standard mattress sizes in the United States is the double bed, which is also known as a full-sized bed. It is the smallest size mattress designed to sleep two people, although it is rare to find a couple who chooses to use a double bed. Double beds are more commonly used by single sleepers or as guest beds.

The Average Size of a Double Bed


A double bed, or full bed, has a mattress that is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long, or four foot six inches wide and six foot three inches long. The size is standardized throughout the United States, although it may differ from mattress sizes in countries that use the metric system.


A double bed is exactly the same length as a twin mattress, but it is 15 inches wider. It is also 15 inches wider than a twin extra long, although it is five inches shorter. Double beds are most often compared to queen beds, which are six inches wider and five inches longer than a double bed.

King sized beds are significantly larger than double beds, as the Standard King is 22 inches wider and five inches longer. The California King mattress is also much larger than a double bed, at 18 inches wider and nine inches longer.


Most couples will find that a double bed is not large enough for two people to sleep comfortably over a long period of time. This is because there is only 27 inches of width per person, a full foot less than on a twin mattress. In addition, a double bed is not long enough for many adults, and people over five foot six inches tall will probably end up with their feet hanging over the end of the mattress.


Double beds have the advantage of being able to fit well into smaller spaces that would not be able to accommodate a king or even queen sized bed. They are much easier to move because the box springs and mattress will fit more easily through doorways and around corners in a small apartment or home. They are also cheaper, both because the mattress is less expensive, and because bedding for a double bed will usually cost at least 10 percent less than comparable items for a queen bed.


Double beds are often used for children who have larger rooms and would like some additional sleeping space, as they will fit many blankets and stuffed animals. They are also great if children want to have a friend come spend the night, as they can sleep in the same bed instead of on a trundle bed or the floor.

Another common use for a double bed is in a guest room, which often won't have enough space for a queen or king mattress, but which still needs to accommodate two people for overnight stays.