The Sleep Number bed, made by the Select Comfort Corp., works by using a unique system of air coils, which allow people to adjust the bed's firmness. For that reason and because the bed can be adjusted on each side, they have been popular. The Better Business Bureau gives Select Comfort Corp. a B+ rating on a scale of A+ to F. And the company has policies in place to respond to unhappy customers. But, an independent nongovernment website, has 58 pages of complaints from people who have bought this bed.

Bed with pillows
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Consumer Complaints

The firmness of the Sleep Number bed is determined by how much air you pump into the chambers. Buyers who complained to most frequently said that the pump had broken, causing a slow leak. Some buyers did not know the bed was leaking for several days or more. Select Comfort charges to send a refurbished pump as a replacement, and some consumers claimed that the new pump was worse than the old one. Some people told that they believed Select Comfort was really in the pump-selling business, often charging $200 or more. Buyers said the bed had a tendency to dip in the middle because of the different amounts of air. Select Comfort does offer extra foam padding for the middle of the bed at a charge. Additional complaints to claimed that the foam and air chambers could become moldy. Select Comfort suggests using a light bleach solution to clean the mattress. The Better Business Bureau, meanwhile, said most of the complaints against Select Comfort involved shipping charges to return the bed. Even though Select Comfort posts the return policy in the store, many people were dissatisfied.

Customer Service

Many people complained to about poor customer service. They claimed that employees were rude and hard to work with. Select Comfort offers no at-home service to fix problems. You must be able to fix the problems yourself. You must know how to install the pump and be able to work with the hoses. You must be able to install the foam pads, and although Select Comfort provides information on how to clean the air chambers and foam, you must do the cleaning yourself.