How to Fix a Hole in the Wall

How to Fix a Hole in the Wall. You can easily repair holes in sheetrock walls with a just few tools and a little patience, even if you've never fixed a hole in a wall before. The size of the hole in the wall determines the complexity of the repair, with small holes being especially easy to fix.

Step 1

Remove any debris or remaining paper from the holes. Tear away any loose wall material and brush away the dust. Smooth the area around the hole with a soft bristle brush followed by a medium to fine grit sandpaper.

Step 2

Use a utility knife to cut the hole into a symmetrical square. Press firmly into the wall material and use a straightedge to follow a careful line. Remove the excess wall material.

Step 3

Prepare and cut another piece of drywall using a utility knife to fit the square made in the previous step. Be certain the new piece is slightly smaller than the repair area.

Step 4

Place the new square patch into the hole and tack into place with a drywall screw. You can secure the patch into the wall firmly with this method.

Step 5

Cut strips of drywall or sheetrock tape and tape over the edges of the repaired area.

Step 6

Apply a thin layer of drywall compound over the patched area evenly. Spread across the patch and tape with a putty knife. Extend the compound past the edges about 6 inches.

Step 7

Sand the patched area once the drywall compound has dried. Use a medium to fine grit sandpaper. Paint the area after you remove all dust and debris.