How to Hang Pictures on Paneling

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How to Hang Pictures on Paneling. Typically you look for a stud to hang a heavy picture, and very light wall hangings are less reliant on a solid foundation. However, to hang pictures on paneling, you should take an entirely different approach. Every place on the paneling will offer equal strength unless you marked the studs behind the wood before putting it up. Learn some tips to make hanging pictures on wall paneling easier.


Step 1

Use hangars that hang over the top edge of the paneling. Attach thin wire or fishing line to the back of the picture frame and hang from the top of the panel. Adjust the length of the wire to the level at which you plan to show your art.

Step 2

Tap the paneling until you find a solid sound. This spot is the ideal place to hang a picture, as you'll have a firmer foundation, especially for heavier items.

Step 3

Mark the wall with a pencil where you plan to insert a screw or nail. Tap a small starter hole over the mark using a pointed tool.


Step 4

Insert an anchor into the hole using a Phillips head screwdriver. Put screw into the anchor and hang picture from that screw. Make sure the screw is the same size as the anchor.

Step 5

Hammer the proper size nails into heavier paneling as you would into sheetrock. To save the wood and leave yourself the flexibility to rearrange the pictures, hammer nails into the grooves between the panels. The holes hide much easier.

Step 6

Glue hangars on smooth panel. Clean the paneling well before applying the freshly moistened hangar. Let dry for at least 24 hours before hanging the picture.