How to Remove Wood Paneling From Drywall

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Things You'll Need

  • Heat gun

  • Paint scraper

  • Flat paint


Painting wood paneling is another great way to update your home without the extra work of removing paneling.

Wood paneling is the plague of many homes today. What was once classy and sophisticated is now dated and drab. Removing the wood paneling from the drywall in your home can instantly update your home. However, removing wood paneling from drywall is also difficult to do. Learning a few simple steps can help as you update your home.


Step 1

Confirm that there is drywall under the wood paneling. Although you might think there is drywall beneath your wood paneling, you will need to make sure. Carefully remove a piece of molding or trim, or a light switch cover. One of these options will usually allow you to see what is behind the paneling.

Step 2

Determine how the wood paneling is attached. Paneling can be attached with nails, glue or a combination of both. This will be the first step in determining how much damage you will need to repair after the paneling is removed. If paneling is attached with nails, it will tend to come off the drywall cleanly. Wood paneling that is glued can cause much more damage to drywall.


Step 3

Remove the wood paneling. Carefully remove the wood paneling. If the wood paneling is nailed into the drywall, this task is fairly simple. However, if the wood paneling is glued, you may need to use a heat gun to help remove the paneling from the wall. A heat gun and paint scraper will also help to remove any glue from the wall.

Step 4

Patch and paint the wall. Once the wood paneling has been removed, you can patch any holes that are in the wall. Use a flat paint to cover any imperfections in the wall. Replace any trim or moldings.



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