Home repair can be a satisfying and cost-efficient way to refurbish and remodel a home. Learning proper construction and building methods is essential. The same can be said for the tools which you'll need to master. The Craftsman staple gun is a great tool for remodeling, but must be filled on a regular basis. Keeping it in good working order will surely ease the stress of home building.

Step 1

Verify you are out of staples. Squeeze the handle into the project you are currently working on a few times for verification. If out, collect your replacement staples. Put on your safety goggles and make sure they are secure.

Step 2

Look on the left side of the staple gun. This might depend on specific model, but on older models, check the left side. There is a release latch. Push down on this release. The back staple tray will pop open. A spring loader will also come free, retain this piece. Place the new staples in the tray without overextending the length of the tray itself. Place the staples points down, so that the top, flush part of the staple row is facing up.

Step 3

Push the spring loader back into the staple gun tray. Push firmly until you hear a clicking noise. This confirms the staple gun is ready for use. Also, you will see the release latch pop back into its original place. Remove your safety goggles and test the new staples on an inconsequential piece of materiel.

Step 4

Keep safety goggles nearby in case your project necessitates another refill. Similarly, keep your replacement box of staples nearby. When project is completed, store both replacement staples and staple gun in secure locations.