How to Use a Power Drill

How to Use a Power Drill. You can drill holes, of course, with a power drill. But you can also strip paint, install screws, and sand and polish objects with this versatile tool. Here are the basics of using a drill.

Step 1

Make sure the cord is long enough to reach from the electrical outlet to the place where you plan to use the drill.

Step 2

Use the chuck key that comes with the drill to open the chuck. Do this by pushing the nubbed end of the key into a hole along the chuck and twisting counterclockwise. The teeth on the chuck key should engage the ones on the drill.

Step 3

Insert the bit into the chuck and tighten it with the chuck key, turning it clockwise this time. Be sure it's very snug.

Step 4

Plug the drill in.

Step 5

Press the trigger before you make contact with the work.

Step 6

Slowly touch the tip of the bit to the work and apply steady but light pressure.

Step 7

Maintain the pressure on the drill and the trigger until the hole is completed.

Step 8

Keep the trigger depressed as you slowly back the bit out of the hole.

Step 9

Use different attachments - a disk sander, a buffer pad, a hole saw, a bit extender and so forth - to make other jobs easier.

Step 10

Make a dent with a center punch before drilling metals. This will keep the bit from wandering. It's also a good idea to always drill a pilot hole in metals and hardwoods to prevent binding of the bit.