A hacksaw is a versatile tool that every homeowner should have in her arsenal. The saw and blades are less expensive than other kinds, and they can cut through almost all materials, though they are commonly designed specifically for metal.

Hacksaw blades come in a variety of tooth sizes.

Step 1

Read the packaging for the hacksaw blade and ensure that it is designed to cut through the material that you are working with. One designed to cut through wood does not work on metal.

Step 2

Lay the material that you want to cut on a work table so that the part you will cut through hangs off the edge. Secure the object with clamps.

Step 3

Place the front edge of the blade onto the object with one hand on the front of the hacksaw and the other at the back. Press down firmly and push the hacksaw forward. The first motion should be forward, because hacksaw blades only cut on the forward motion.

Step 4

Pull the blade back to the starting position, releasing the pressure as you do so, since the blade does not cut on the backward stroke. Press down again and push the blade forward over the object just as you did the first time.

Step 5

Continue using a rapid back-and-forth sawing motion until you cut all the way through the object. Use a smooth, even speed so that the blade does not stop as you saw.