Where Are Craftsman Tools Made?

There is no single answer to the question of where Craftsman tools are made. Craftsman is not a manufacturer; it is a brand. Like other Sears brands, such as Kenmore and Diehard, a variety of manufacturers make their products, which are then rebranded under the Craftsman name. Some manufacturers make the products in the U.S., but some make products abroad. Despite the country of origin, Sears stands by its lifetime warranty on most Craftsman tools.

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Many of the manufacturers have production facilities in their home country or they outsource to other countries. Because of this practice, you have to look at the packaging of the tool or tool collection to find out where it was made. You can also match a tool's model number against the Source Product Code list to find its manufacturer and determine in which countries they have production facilities. A lawsuit brought against Sears in 2004 alleged that despite Sears advertising that its tools are "Made in the U.S.A.," in fact, many Craftsman tools are made outside the United States. It is alleged by Jeffrey Greenfield, a plaintiff in the lawsuit, that by 2005, as much as 70 percent of Craftsman tools or tool components were made outside the United States in Austria, Denmark, China, India and Mexico. The suit was dismissed -- not because it was unfounded, but because the judge ruled that the plaintiffs would not be able to prove they were damaged by the advertising.

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