Drilling holes through metal can be a tough task, depending on which type of metal you are drilling through. If the metal is super hard, like steel, you may need to start with a small hole and work up to the size you are drilling for. The steel can burn out the drill bit very quickly if the process is not done properly. For softer metals, any drill bit designed for metal will work, but steel will normally require a high-speed steel bit or titanium-tipped bit. The contact area must be oiled frequently to keep the bit from getting dry on the surface of the metal.

To drill through metal properly, use a sufficient drill bit.

Step 1

Set the drill bit in position on the drill and tighten. Clean the surface of the metal with a cloth if the area is not clean.

Step 2

Press the drill bit against the surface of the metal where the hole is to be drilled.

Step 3

Pour two drops of cutting oil onto the tip of the drill bit. Cutting oil can also be placed on the metal surface. Make sure to keep the contact area from getting dry by re-applying the cutting oil frequently.

Step 4

Press the trigger on the drill to begin drilling, while putting light pressure on the metal surface with the drill bit.

Step 5

Slowly apply pressure to the metal surface while continuing to drill into the metal until the bit breaks through and completes the hole.