Foam brushes make controlling where the paint goes easier than normal bristle brushes. Foam brushes also eliminate a lot of the brush-stroke look that appears when a corner or piece of molding is painted. There is no one set method on how to use a foam brush, however there is one sure-fire method for all applications. Foam brushes are relatively inexpensive and are designed to be thrown away after one use. It is also possible to re-use them if necessary.

Foam brushes can be more precise than bristle brushes.

Step 1

Pour or mix your paint into a cup. Cups can be held in one hand while you touch up a surface. Sometimes while using a paint roller you may encounter a space too small to reach and you may also dip your foam brush into this space.

Step 2

Dip the tip of the foam brush into the paint. You should only go up to the end of the triangular tip.

Step 3

Twist the brush as you lift it from the paint. This will collect all excess paint on the brush.

Step 4

Stroke your surface gently with the brush. Practice a stroke-lift-stroke-lift style. Stroke in one direction. If you stroke too hard, you make a deep groove in your paint surface.