There are many kinds of drills with many different sizes, configurations, cordless and corded abilities available. Most drills use a key chuck system to loosen and tighten the drill bit. Some drills come with a keyless chuck system, but essentially the keyless and key chuck system do the same job. Regardless of the chuck system, changing the drill bit can be accomplished in just a few moments.

Replace a drill bit to finish projects.

Step 1

Insert the nub of the chuck key into the hole on the side of the drill chuck. Be sure you have the correct chuck key for your drill.

Step 2

Rotate the chuck key to the left to loosen the drill chuck. You may have to use a little force to rotate the chuck key. Do not use a lot of force or you will strip the chuck key and damaged the jaws that are holding the drill bit.

Step 3

Remove the drill bit by pulling it out. Replace with a new drill bit. Insert the chuck key into the drill chuck and rotate the key to the right to tighten the drill bit in place.