How to Attach a Garage to a Mobile Home

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Mobile homes built to specific HUD codes must stay true to the blueprint of origin. Adding a garage to those not coded for it violates warranties and wreaks havoc on the stability of your home.


Your taxes could increase with an attached garage. Mobile homes are to remain mobile, at least until the mortgage is paid.

How to Attach a Garage to a Mobile Home. It's pretty easy to attach a garage to a mobile home. And think how nice it will be to have a roof over your vehicle, plus the extra storage. You can attach a garage to your mobile home by following a few simple steps.

Step 1

Continue the current appearance of your mobile home as you marry it to the garage and keep everything structurally sound. A prefabricated garage is the best choice in that it matches the look of your mobile home.

Step 2

Maintain the appropriate structural integrity. Find out if your home can accommodate the load of the garage. If it is, you may integrate the garage with the home. Let the manufacturer know you intend to attach the prefabricated garage when you order so it is made with only three side panels.

Step 3

Keep the garage as a standalone unit if the mobile home cannot bear the extra load. If this is the case, you can make an attractive breezeway between the mobile home and the garage.

Step 4

View the foundation of the home. Prepare the foundation of the garage to be identical to that of the mobile home.

Step 5

Make the roof line of the garage even with that of the house. If the house and the new structure have different elevations, you must build up under the garage walls and place several steps inside the garage (or the breezeway) to enter the house from the garage.

Step 6

Discuss your plans with the manufacturer of the prefabricated garage. The staff will have specific instructions to follow when you attach to the house or build a breezeway to link them.