How to Remodel a Park Model Trailer

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The remodeling will take much less time if you remove all the contents.


Cover the waste line/hole for the toilet to prevent fumes and smells from being released before the new toilet is in.

Park model trailers are smaller than standard and double wide trailers yet look like cozy little cottages. The exterior design varies from a cute little home with a porch to a rustic little cabin version. Both new and used park model trailers are easily affordable, which is making them popular for use on vacation properties. Park model trailers can serve as guest lodging, mother-in-law suites, a detached school room for home school, or an art studio.

Step 1

Create a budget for the remodel costs and a master list of all the tools and supplies you will need.

Step 2

Remove all the furniture and contents. Store the contents in a portable temporary storage unit on the property near the park model trailer for the duration of the remodel.

Step 3

Purchase all of the items for the remodel at once based on the master list or plan a weekly supply shopping trip. Some home development stores offer reasonable delivery prices which saves you time if you purchase the supplies in one trip and have them delivered as needed.

Step 4

Remove all the doors that will be replaced. Remove and label the baseboard pieces for reinstallation. If you are doing a total gutting prior to remodeling, remove all cabinets, sinks, toilets, and other items that will be replaced. Remove any carpet, tile or damaged flooring.

Step 5

Replace the doors with new doors. Install high quality knobs or handles on the new doors.

Step 6

Replace the bathroom flooring. Paint the bathroom walls. Install a new toilet, sink, vanity or pedestal to save space. Install the toilet seat, toilet paper holder, towel bars, wash cloth hangers and an over the door rack or over the toilet shelf for extra storage. Paint the bathroom baseboard and trim and then re-install them. Install the mirror.

Step 7

Paint all the walls in the rest of the trailer. Paint and install trim, crown or railings as desired.

Step 8

Install the upper kitchen cabinets and any other upper hanging cabinetry.

Step 9

Replace the flooring throughout the trailer.

Step 10

Install the lower cabinetry in the kitchen and in other rooms if there is any.

Step 11

Paint the remaining baseboards and trims, then re-install them. Touch up the nail holes with putty or paint or both if desired. Thin nails lacking heads are usually undetectable.

Step 12

Repair the front porch and back deck if needed. Paint the exterior. Repaint and add two to five coats of sealer to the deck, porch floors and railings.

Step 13

Update the landscaping. Consider xeriscaping to reduce maintenance, upkeep, and water cost. Add some colorful plants and lawn statues or yard ornaments. Apply rocks or mulch under shrubs and around flowers and trees.

Step 14

Return or replace the furniture. Hang pictures using a level. Add artificial plants, flowers or hanging baskets as needed for vacation homes.


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