DuPont's Corian solid surface counters are made using an acrylic-based material molded into a solid shape that's easily cut and fitted atop a cabinet to create a solid countertop for general use. Once in place, a Corian counter can last for years undergoing typical wear and tear without acquiring significant nicks or scratches. Though durable, you can still damage it, marring the look of the counter and necessitating its replacement. If this occurs, or if you need to remove the counter for any reason, you can do so with a few simple tools found in most household toolboxes.

Step 1

Turn off any power or water connectors running to the countertop area. Switch the power off using the home's main switchbox. Turn off the water using the hot and cold water valves beneath the sink. Check that the power and water is off before continuing by plugging an appliance into electrical sockets and attempting to turn them on and by turning on the water taps and ensuring that the water has ceased to run.

Step 2

Remove any sinks present in the countertop by stripping away any caulking between the sink edge and the counter using a utility knife to cut the caulk into strips and then stripping it away with a putty knife. Remove any securing screws located beneath the sink holding it in place using the Phillips head screwdriver. Unscrew the water and drainage pipe connections between the sink and the hose using an adjustable wrench. With the aid of a helper, lift the sink free and set it aside.

Step 3

Examine the bottom and sides of the Corian counter to determine where the counter connects to the cabinet it sits on and the wall. Connections for the countertop tend towards screws running upwards through the counter beneath the cabinet and by gluing the rear of the cabinet directly to the drywall.

Step 4

Remove retaining screws from beneath the counter using a Phillips head screwdriver. Pry the counter from the wall, using a putty knife where necessary to cut through the adhesive. If the counter is glued to the cabinet as well then use a prybar to wedge the counter upwards from the cabinet top. Removing the cabinet will damage the drywall as the glue separation will pull away some of the paper facing on the drywall surface.

Step 5

Lift the counter upwards and away from its placement to complete the removal.