How to Win a Kitchen Makeover

Cooking your food up in a cramped, poorly designed kitchen can equate to everyday torture. If there's no room in your budget to makeover your failing kitchen, you might be able to win a kitchen makeover from any of several television shows that specialize in makeovers or sweepstakes that award home renovations to a lucky homeowner. Winning a sweepstakes usually comes down to sheer chance, while having a charismatic personality and compelling story will increase your odds of getting on a television show about kitchen renovation.

Step 1

Have a terrible kitchen. If your kitchen is already beautiful, your odds of being picked for a kitchen makeover based on need are low. You'd still have equal odds of entering a contest based on chance alone, though.

Step 2

Take digital photographs of your kitchen at its worst. Make sure your kitchen is clean when you take the photos—you won't be receiving a makeover for a kitchen; instead, you'll be much more likely to receive a makeover based on the "worst" qualities of the kitchen design and layout. You'll probably need some photos of you and your partner, if you have one, as well.

Step 3

Fill out applications for kitchen makeover shows that air on major network or cable networks (see Resources). Don't forget to include your digital photos, which are a required part of the applications.

Step 4

Keep your web browser tuned to "Casting Call" web pages for prominent kitchen slows such as Kitchen Renovations from the DIY Network. Check back at least once a month—even if the shows aren't taking casting the first time you check, they'll be bound to take casting at least once a year.

Step 5

Enter sweepstakes like the SubZero Dream Kitchen sweepstakes, which repeats every year.

Step 6

Be patient. It takes time for your audition application to work its way through the review process. There are literally tens of thousands of people applying for a very few open positions. Keep applying to other sweepstakes and makeover shows until you win one.