How to Sell Used Appliances

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Give away smaller used appliances instead of selling them. It is not worth the effort for the small amount you will get. See the eHow articles "How to Use Craiglist" and "How to Place an Item for Bid on eBay" for more tips on selling your used appliance.

How to Sell Used Appliances. The cost of new appliances has skyrocketed over the years, opening up a market for selling used appliances such as refrigerators, washers or cook stoves. Know the market for used appliances and sell a good condition used item quickly and successfully.

Step 1

Place ads with a description of the used appliance, selling price and tear-off phone number in local gathering places such as the corner store, town bar or church meeting hall. Ask the permission of the owner before hanging an ad in their window or doorway.

Step 2

Sell used refrigerators in the nearby college town where these appliances are hot commodities for students living off-campus. Hang classified ads in the student union, announcement area or coffee shops if permitted.

Step 3

Advertise your used washer and dryer for sale at the local laundromat where folks without these appliances frequent.

Step 4

Do not assume that a broken refrigerator means no sale. Used refrigerators often sell to hunters or other country folk that convert them into meat smokers. Hang ads at the local conservation club, rod and gun club or hunting preserve to attract these would be buyers of a used refrigerator.

Step 5

Have a yard or garage sale and sell used appliances with other household goods. Yard-salers will barter and attempt to talk down the price, so don't expect a large sale price.

Step 6

Contact the local recycling center to see if they are interested in buying your used appliance. If they will not buy it, they may refer you to someone who will.

Step 7

Run a classified ad in the newspaper or online with a selling price and thorough description of the appliance for sale. Run the ad over the weekend to appeal to the highest number of readers.

Step 8

List used freezers on bulletin boards at the tractor supply or feed store where farmers and hunters may frequent. These and other country folks with large freezer-storage needs frequent these store locations.

Step 9

Spread the word with friends and family that you are selling a used appliance. Word of mouth is the best marketing tool in the used appliance arena.

Step 10

Consider selling the used appliance as scrap metal or to an appliance repair shop for spare parts if in less than ideal condition.