How to Cut a Laminate Counter Top With a Handsaw

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Things You'll Need

  • Painter's tape

  • Tape measure

  • Pencil

  • Straightedge

Laminate countertop is particle board with laminate glued on top of it. You may need to cut the laminate countertop when you install it or later when a new appliance needs more space. Cutting a laminate countertop with a handsaw can be a challenge because the motion of the handsaw can crack or otherwise damage the laminate. However, you can ensure the safety of the laminate countertop by following a straightforward procedure.


Step 1

Place a 6-inch wide swath of painter's tape on the countertop in the approximate location where you plan to make the cut. The painter's tape will keep the laminate from splintering and will peel off without damage to the countertop.

Step 2

Measure the countertop from the closest edge where you'll make the cut using a tape measure. Measure at the top, bottom and middle of the edge along the countertop and place a pencil mark in each location. Draw the marks on top of the painter's tape.

Step 3

Connect the marks using a straightedge so that the cut line is straight and square.


Step 4

Saw the counter along the cut line with the handsaw. Hold the end of the blade that is by the handle of the saw on the edge of the countertop. Pull the full length of the saw toward your body in one smooth motion. This will provide a clean starting cut to start sawing. As you cut along the line you drew, use smooth back and forth motions with the saw.

Step 5

Remove the painter's tape once you have completely sawed through to the opposite end of the countertop from where you started.


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