How to Grout Tile

How to Grout Tile. Applying grout to a tiled surface seems a difficult project, yet it is very simple. Once the tile is in place and the tile cement has had time to dry completely, a filler of grout must be worked into the areas around the tiles to ensure a proper fit and that the tile does not float or move on the surface over time.

Step 1

Fill a bucket or container with water. The amount of water will vary according to the size of the project. The grout manufacturer's instructions will advise the proper amount for each job.

Step 2

Put on latex or rubber gloves to protect skin.

Step 3

Add grout powder to the water until the recommended amount of grout has been added. For small grout joints, the grout mixture should be the consistency of peanut butter or slightly firmer. Larger grout joints require a consistency of bread dough or slightly softer.

Step 4

Apply the grout. Prepare all joints in advance to ensure they are free from dust or any debris. Using a rubber grout float or trowel, begin working the grout into the tile joints completely. Apply the grout at a 30 degree angle to the tile all the way across project. Then apply in the same manner in the opposite direction until all joints are filled. Turn the float or trowel to a 90 degree angle and swipe across surface to remove excess grout. Most grouts are water-soluble and can be wiped up if grout flows over to tiles.

Step 5

Sprinkle dry grout mixture directly onto the joints of the tile. Rub the dry grout in a circular motion and into the tile joints until they are uniform. Repeat this process.

Step 6

Maintain temperature. An ambient temperature produces smooth, even results. Excessive or rapid heating or cooling may result in uneven or discolored grout.

Step 7

Remove residue. Allow 30 to 40 minutes of drying time before wiping residue from the project surface. Apply a damp sponge to the tiled area and wipe away in a circular motion any remaining film or residue. A terry rag can be used for the final polishing.

Step 8

Seal the grout. Allow grout to fully dry for 72 hours. Using a small paintbrush or grout sealer applicator, apply grout sealant to all grout joints. Remove any spills or overflow of sealant within the first 5 minutes. Allow the grout sealant to dry for 24 hours or according to the sealant manufacturer's instructions.