How to Cut Wonderboard

Wonderboard is a cement based product that comes in 3 x 5 sheets and is available at home centers. It is usually used as a backerboard for tile floors and walls. Cutting wonderboard requires a few special techniques and tricks.

Cutting Wonderboard

Step 1

Measure and mark the board for cutting with your pencil.

Step 2

Make the long cuts first. Use a circular saw with a cement board blade. Support the entire board before and during cutting to avoid breakage. The scoring knife can be used instead of a saw for a cut that goes across the whole board. Use a straight edge and press hard as you draw the knife along the cut line. Make several deep score marks and then snap the piece off.

Step 3

Use the jig saw with a cement board blade to make small cutouts or other small cuts that are not straight. A drill with a masonry bit can be used to make a hole in the middle of the board to get you started with the jig saw.

Step 4

Dry fit your cut board before installation. Put it in place and check that the edges line up before permanently fastening it.