Tile-board products provide the look and feel of real tile without the mess of mortar and grout. Cutting the boards can be tricky. If cut wrong, the saw can chip the surface and leave ugly marks that are difficult to hide.

Cutting Tile Board

Step 1

Measure the area to be installed. Wherever there will be joints or seams, a gap must be left for the molding. Subtract this gap from your measurement. Consult the manufacturer's instructions for determining the gap for the molding and for expansion.

Step 2

On the face of the tile-board panel, measure for the cut and place painter's tape so the saw blade will cut through the tape.

Step 3

On the back of the tile-board panel, measure and mark the panel for cutting. Use a straight edge to make the lines; do not rely on any grid marks the manufacturer put there.

Step 4

Cut the tile board from the back side with the circular saw. To cut out holes for shower or bath knobs, use the jigsaw or hole saw. When using the hole saw, cut from the face of the panel.