How to Make the White Wire Closet Shelving More Sturdy

White-wire closet shelving is commonly used in walk-in closets, kitchen pantries and garages for additional storage. It is inexpensive, widely available, and easy to install, due to not needing to build anything. However, the concern about the strength of the shelving holding up to the strain of an entire wardrobe or a pantry of canned goods is reasonable. There are a few simple things that can be done by a homeowner to make the white-wire closet shelving more study in their home.

Step 1

Purchase the strongest closet shelving brackets that you can find. Some higher-end brackets can hold 500 or 1,000 pounds for 36 inches on center. "On center" means that you must not space your brackets greater than 36 inches apart from each other for safety.

Step 2

Screw the brackets directly into the studs in your walls. Use a stud finder to find the studs. Drill a pilot hole into the wall and the stud. A pilot hole will help your screw go in straight, reduce the chances of your screw stripping and decrease the chances of you splitting or cracking the stud in case you are not screwing your screw dead center into the stud.

Step 3

Add additional strength and support to the shelving by installing the clips that screw into the wall, clamping the back wire of the wire shelving. Add these every 12 to 24 inches, depending on the amount of additional support that you desire to add.