When designing a new closet organizer, the height of the closet rod is important. Arranging the rods to accommodate other storage solutions like cabinets, drawers and shelves increases your total closet space. If possible, adjust the height of the rod to fit your needs, but stick to a few basic rules and standards when figuring out how high to hang your closet rod.

Closet rod heights vary based on your storage needs and closet space.

Typical Clothing Rod

The clothing rod in a closet hangs at 45 inches from your closet floor in most cases. This average, standard rod hanging height is ideal for clothes like shirts, pants and some jackets. Since pants are usually 30 to 34 inches in length, and the clothing hanger is about 4 inches long, plenty of room for storing shoes or small boxes under the clothing is available.

Dress and Outerwear Hanging

In many closets clothing is not the only item hung from the closet rod. When closets also contain outerwear, like trench coats, or formal wear like dresses and evening gowns, a taller hanging rod is a necessity. A dress takes up between 60 to 65 inches of length if it is hung from a hanger. At the normal hanging height of 45 inches, the bottom portion of the dress will drag on the floor. A taller hanging height of 65 inches is therefore ideal. This height can be adjusted if dresses and coats are longer than normal.

Dual Rod Heights

If dual rods are hung in a closet to increase closet space, the hanging heights change. To allow access to the upper rod, the bottom rod is hung lower at 40 inches. The top rod is then extended higher to 80 inches. The hanging heights give 40 inches of vertical hanging space, which is enough for hanging regular garments like shirts and pants. This height accommodates a shelf over the rod as well.

Shelving and Rod Combinations

When taking advantage of the space available in a closet, hanging a rod over a set of drawers or under a set of shelves is one option. In this case the rod height must be adjusted for the additional storage options. The lowest height any rod can be placed is 39 inches. Any lower and clothing will drag on the surface below. Either hang the rod at 39 inches with a set of shelves above, or hang it at 80 inches with a set of pull-out drawers beneath it. Make certain you can reach the higher hanging rod so your garments are accessible.