Closets have various dimensions that depend on the type of closet, what is stored in it and the space available in the home for the closet areas. If you are planning a new closet in an existing home or are building your own home, know some typical dimensions all closets have.

Closet size depends on a variety of factors.

Typical Bedroom Closet Depth and Height

A bedroom closet size varies based on how much space is available in the bedroom and how much storage space you need. All closets are a minimum of 24 inches deep, however, which allows enough room for clothing to hang without brushing the walls. If larger garments like jackets will occupy the space, a depth of 28 inches is typical. The height is always the height of the ceiling, which is generally 8- or 9-feet tall and is due to the fact that all closets are framed in existing room space with walls extending floor to ceiling.

Bedroom Closet Width

The width of the closet is the other variable. Width of a normal bedroom closet is at least 4 feet, which is the standard size needed to hang up all the clothes for one person. If the room is home to two people, the length is 8 feet. This length increases if additional space is required to store boxes, shoes and general use items. Making closets wider is the option of the homeowner and is suggested if there are no other storage closets available.

Coat Closet Width and Depth

A coat closet is another story because coats require more depth to hang. The coat closet is generally 28 inches wide and usually at least 3-feet wide. In larger homes coat closets are up to 8-feet wide, which allows more room to hang coats, jackets, rain gear and even long dresses if necessary. The width is dependent on hallway size and the number of people in the home. A home for four requires about 4 feet of length, while single apartments require 3 feet of length. The more coats you have in the household, the wider the coat closet.

Walk-in Closets

A walk-in closet is as wide and long as necessary to store all the things you need to store. Walk-ins generally have at least 8 feet of length and 6 feet of width. At least 3 feet of space is needed to walk into the closet, and up to 28 inches of garment hanging space is still recommended. Walk-in closets for two people will require 8 feet of length to hang clothes. While double-stacked rods provide 8 feet of hanging length in just 4 feet of closet space, additional shelving takes up at least 4 feet of space, which allows for shoe storage, sweater and clothing drawers and space to store boxes.