How to Remove Hardie Plank

HardiePlank is a trademarked cement and fiberglass based siding product produced by the James Hardie Corporation, a company headquartered in California with offices and operations around the globe. HardiePlank is applied as lap siding and installed over a water-resistant barrier product using a blind-nailing or screw-in method and occasionally a face-nailing technique for very high wind applications. HardiePlank comes in a wide range of colors, finish textures, board widths and trim pieces and is designed for long-term use of 30 years or more. Removal options vary somewhat based on installation technique and whether you are removing one or a few pieces of siding for replacement or demoing the siding from the structure altogether.

Step 1

Slide the thin edge of a flat pry bar carefully under the lower edge of the first piece of HardiePlank siding to be removed. Use a mallet or hammer to gently drive the tip of the bar up behind the siding if necessary.

Step 2

Pry the piece of siding out toward you gently to let you see the nail or screw patterning of how the planks have been fastened to the under-structure.

Step 3

Place the flat bar under the first nail or screw and smack the free end of the bar with a mallet or hammer to dislodge the nail or screw.

Step 4

Repeat along the first plank to remove it entirely, exposing the nails or screw fasteners on the next board down.

Step 5

Remove screws for partial demolition projects with a drill fitted with screwdriver bit (operating in reverse), which will limit damage to the under-structure. This process may not be practical for large-scale removal of HardiePlank where the pry bar method may more efficient.

D.C. Winston

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