The Average Height of a Garage Ceiling

Dimensions of the typical garage are based on having enough room to park a generic sedan comfortably. But if you drive a large vehicle, standard measurements may be too tight, particularly when it comes to overhead space.

Average Height

The average height of a garage ceiling is 8 feet, due in part to the widely used 7-foot garage door. Eight feet allows a full 12 inches of clearance for the garage door opener, which requires a minimum of 6 1/2 inches to operate.

Raising the Roof

With no restrictions in place, ceiling height is getting taller as vehicles get bigger. While standard 8-foot ceilings are fine for sedans, 9-foot ceilings are becoming the norm for RVs, big SUVs and vehicles with racks. An 8-foot garage door is used in conjunction with 9-foot ceilings.

Average Width

Garage width is regulated using a generic formula for vehicles, allowing a single-vehicle garage 9 to 10 feet for comfortable access. The two-car garage averages 18 to 20 feet in width. A three-car garage triples the measurement to 30 feet. Garage depth is standardized at 20 feet, and should not be compromised, because most vehicles require at least 20 feet to park comfortably lengthwise.

Working Considerations

If you use your garage for woodworking and other DIY projects, the 8-foot ceiling just may not cut it. It's almost impossible to tip a four-by-eight sheet of plywood up vertically in a garage with an 8-foot ceiling, especially if you've added drywall, which brings it down to less than 8 feet.

One or Two Doors

The debate over one or two garage doors has always been contentious. They cost about the same, but some homeowners prefer the convenience of a single, big door. Others prefer two smaller doors, arguing that they are more aesthetically pleasing and that they don't allow as much warm air to escape the garage when the door is opened.

Garage Door Openers

Screw drive, chain drive and belt drive are the most widely sold types of garage door openers. Belt drive types are the most common for garages that are attached to the house, because they're whisper-quiet. Chain drive openers are cheaper, and noisy, but just as reliable. Use them on detached garages to save money. Screw drive are the most affordable, but also noisy, and not as reliable as belt or chain styles.