Lots of people dream about someday planning and building their dream home. Whether it's your dream home or not, building a house can be a rewarding experience and like all things, it starts with the foundation. The foundation is of utmost importance.

Step 1

Create building plans and have them approved by the local building commission. Mark the foundation layout with paint lines in the dirt. Set up batter boards for all corners.

Step 2

Dig the foundation with a backhoe to the depth presented in the building plans. Install rebar into the foundation holes to reinforce the ground structure. Fill in the footings with concrete and allow a few days for it to dry.

Step 3

Set up the plumbing lines that were drawn in the plans. Backfill the soil to cover the pipes. Build the foundation walls. On top of these build up with brick.

Step 4

Use straps or bolts to anchor the sill plate to the foundation. Do this when the concrete is wet so it sets with the drying concrete.

Step 5

Fill the inner area with gravel about six inches deep. Cover this with plastic. Pour the concrete over the plastic. Smooth the surface with a concrete smoother. Allow the concrete to set. That's it! You just built a house foundation.