Framing a pole building is a straightforward process that requires very little building experience. Armed with the proper tools and supplies, you can frame a pole building in a matter of a day or two. Pole frame construction is one of the most economical and simplest ways to build a barn, a shelter or any other type of building. Whether you use poles or pressure-treated wood, framing your pole building is relatively easy if you follow the steps outlined here.

Pole Building Frame

Step 1

Outline the design of your pole building with the stakes and the builder's string. Mark the locations of your posts or poles with spray paint. Posts should be located every 8 to 10 inches and should be in line with the specifications of your local building codes.

Step 2

Dig the holes for your posts or poles. Make sure your holes are deep enough to get below the frost line in your area and that they are in compliance with any requirements of your local building codes. A depth of 18 inches to 2 feet is sufficient for most locations.

Step 3

Place your posts or poles and use the 2-by-4s as a temporary brace. Check to be sure that the posts are level.

Step 4

Mix the quick-drying concrete according to the instructions on the bag and pour it around the posts or poles, smoothing the top of the concrete even with or slightly above the ground level. Let the concrete dry according to the instructions.

Step 5

Frame the outside of your pole barn with the treated wood beams. Fasten the beams to the posts with metal brackets. Check the beams to make certain they are level.

Step 6

Attach horizontal nailing boards to the posts in accordance to your local building code specifications. These will add security to your frame.

Step 7

Install the roof trusses.

Step 8

Seal the wood for additional protection.