How to Get Financial Help With a Home Mold Problem

Finding mold in a home can be scary and upsetting. Aside from the health or allergy problems that can occur from mold, cleaning up the mess can be costly. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes that individuals can clean mold problems themselves if the area is less than 10 square feet. For larger mold areas, homeowners will need to contact a professional cleaning and eradication service. Mold cleaning and repair can cost $500 to $4,000 for a crawlspace, although adding ducts, walls or an attic can drive the cost to $6,000 or more. Most homeowners will need some form of financial help for this process.

Mold is dangerous and costly to clean up in a home

Step 1

Contact the insurance company. While many homeowners policies do not cover mold without a rider, companies may consider claims or work with homeowners on this issue.

Step 2

Meet with a bank loan manager. Homeowners with some equity in their homes may be able to take out small loans to help fund the cleanup process. Contacting the financial institution holding the mortgage may also be an option.

Step 3

Ask family or friends for help. While not ideal, family or friends may loan money for the mold cleanup process. This option may allow homeowners to avoid paying interest on loans and have a more flexible payback period.

Daniella Lauren

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