How to Get Free Property Information by an Address

Recorded data for a property is available from a variety of sources. To start the process, check that you have the property's complete physical address. Most resources are available by county, so perform a quick Internet search of the property's address to find the county under which the property is listed. To get free property information by an address, you'll need to contact a handful of resources. In most cases, the process only requires a few hours of legwork.

Free online resources are available to get property information.

Step 1

Visit the County Recorder or Recorder of Deeds. A deed describes the real property, including statistics like the year of construction, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the property's square footage. Find the name of the previous seller (grantor) and buyer (grantee) as well as purchase (transfer) price. Provide the property's address to obtain a copy of the property deed title.

Step 2

View recorded data for the property. The County Recorder documents recorded data for all properties within its jurisdiction. Search for tax liens and mechanic liens, as well as any other recorded data held by the County Recorder for the property.

Step 3

Visit the county courthouse or go to the county's main website. Ask the county clerk to search the property's history using county court records. Obtain a list of previous buyers and sellers, and find out if the current seller is involved in any litigation. Obtain tax, appraisal and property information, as well.

Step 4

Contact a local title company and ask for a free profile on the property. Property profiles typically contain the name of the owner(s) and an assessment of the property's current value.

Step 5

Speak with a real estate agent about the property. Using Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data, a real estate agent can count the number of times a property has been placed back on the market and the lengths of time the property has remained there.