Fastest Way to Lay Tile

Although there are many different methods of laying tile, there is one way that is truly faster than others. By paying attention to detail and planning--material and layout--you can be sure that your tile job will go down with the utmost speed and precision. If you are planning on laying your own tile and you want to know the quickest way possible, then you should know about the tools and techniques available for success.

Tools and Materials

There are several tools and materials that will make your tile job go quicker. You should purchase premixed mortar and grout for your tile job. The fact that you won't need to mix your material will reduce the amount of time by 10 percent. You also should secure tile spacers for spacing and setting the tile, a quarter-inch notched trowel and a chalk line for making layout marks. The layout marks will speed up the job tremendously.


Plan and lay out the tile before you begin. One of the main reasons that a tile job gets bogged down is because of failure to plan and lay out the job. Lay a number of tiles on the surface, using spacers, and see how they will work out. Find the center of the area that you will be laying tile on and snap a chalkline. For example, if you are laying a floor, find the center of two sides of the room and snap a line that forms a cross in the center of the floor. Begin your tile on this mark. Knowing exactly where to begin will save time. One note of caution about beginning in the center, though: If beginning in the center will cause you to finish with a cut on each end of the room, then begin with a whole tile at the entrance and work your way to the back of the floor. Use a notched trowel to spread you mud on the surface. When you set the tile, the notches will collapse just enough to seat the tile level. Use the tile spacers to space the tile across the floor; they will help you keep the tile square and straight.