How to Level Sagging Mobile Home Floors

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How to Level Sagging Mobile Home Floors. Since a mobile home is typically up on bricks or corner blocks, there is a tendency for the floors to sag eventually. You can have the entire unit raised and set back down on a solid flat foundation, in which case, you might as well buy a new house. You can hire someone or try a few of these tips to level sagging mobile home floors.

Step 1

Dig holes for under where the floor is sagging if it is just in one or two spots. Often something heavy such as an appliance or fireplace will put extra weight on a concentrated area and cause the sagging just in those spots. Pour cement in the holes for whatever kind of support you choose.

Step 2

Use jacks which can be lowered into place in the holes, then lifted up to support the floor. Raise them to the desired height, and then add more cement around the jacks to make them stable.

Step 3

Raise the jacks a couple inches each day if they need to go higher. You don't want to stress the floorboards beyond their capacity too quickly or they will snap.

Step 4

Place long boards on top of the jacks if you have a larger section of floor that needs support. While the jacks are still low, lay boards on top of them. Place the jacks every four to six feet for best support and to prevent further sagging.

Step 5

Check underneath the mobile home for damage where the floor is sagging. You may have to replace pieces of the floor if it has water or insect damage. Don't try to jack up flooring that is falling apart. You will be wasting your time and effort.