How to Install Rubberized Playground Flooring

Rubberized playground flooring is flexible and durable. The mats are soft, providing comfort to young kids should they fall while playing. Rubber mats are strong and able to withstand the rough-and-tumble play characterized by young kids. Rubberized flooring is used in gymnasiums and other athletic facilities, but it is also ideal for outdoor play yards.

Install Rubberized Playground Flooring

Step 1

Start laying your rubberized playground flooring at one edge of the yard.

Step 2

Fit the pieces of rubber mats together like a puzzle.

Step 3

Use a utility knife to trim the edges of the flooring, or mark and cut them with a jigsaw. Spray a lubricant on the knife to enable it to easily cut through the rubber mats.

Step 4

Place a 2-by-4 board under the area when cutting the rubber mats with a utility knife. This provides an arch that makes it easier to cut through than when lying flat on the ground.

Step 5

Continue to install the rubberized flooring across the yard and diagonally until you get to the opposite three sides.

Step 6

Simply lay the flooring on the ground. Adhesive is not necessary when installing rubberized playground flooring. When equipment and supplies are moved onto the flooring, the mats might move some, but they will settle in eventually.

Lacy Enderson

Lacy Enderson is an Addictions and Recovery Counselor. She is Certified with the American Association of Christian Therapists and holds a Master's Degree in Biblical Counseling. She is currently enrolled in Liberty University's Master of Divinity Degree program with Chaplaincy. Lacy is a graduate of Rhema Correspondent Bible School and has completed the first section of Berean School of the Bible. Lacy is the author of, "Addiction: A Personal Story" and "So You Want to Lose Weight But You Can't Stop Eating." Her newest novel is a teenage Christian fiction titled, "Honey Sweetheart."