How to Install Metal Roofing. A metal roof is a good material for your home since it holds up well under dangerous weather conditions, has a top fire safety rating and is waterproof. Many homeowners and roofers are choosing it not only for safety but for durability. You'll have to lay out a substantial amount of money to install this roof, but it's a good long-term investment.

Learn About Metal Roofing

Step 1

Explore the different materials you will need to install your metal roof, including flashing, counterflashing, shingles, nails and hand tools.

Step 2

Get the look of a tile or wood roof system by using a shingle. You get a variety of color choices and design patterns with these materials.

Step 3

Select a panel rather than a shingle if you want a wider variety of contours and samples. Consider purchasing steel or copper panels since they are made of recycled products and less expensive.

Step 4

Obtain a user-friendly shingle with an interlocking system made of aluminum. This will be easier for you to install than some of the more advanced shingles and panels on the market. By using the 4-sided locks, you also get better protection for your roof.

Install Metal Roofing

Step 5

Save money by purchasing materials from a manufacturer or dealer. Many companies will also walk you through the installation process.

Step 6

Purchase name-brand metal shingles or panels used by homebuilders. Some of the popular brands are Gerard, Met-Tile and Decrabond (see Resources below). To install a metal roof, stick with a company (and product) that has a proven track record for reliability.

Step 7

Install the metal shingle or panel you have purchased right over your old roof. Check with your manufacturer if this is possible for your home, which in many cases it is.

Step 8

Attach the starter flashing to prevent leakage. Adhere strips of securing flashing to the roof by nailing it into the fascia trimboard and to the sections of the roof. Apply the counterflashing strips as needed.

Step 9

Install a roofing system that has hidden gutter channels. This will provide better drainage for your home and a neater overall appearance.