How to Apply Concrete Sealer

How to Apply Concrete Sealer. You need to apply concrete sealer in order to protect the flooring surface of concrete in such important home additions as garages and patios at your home. You need to protect them from-among other things-dampness, stains, and damage to the steel underneath. The work you put into protecting your concrete will help you to enjoy the site for many years to come. If you really want to jazz it up, apply some stain. Guests will marvel that you have done it all by yourself.

Step 1

Choose from the varied types of concrete sealers available for sale. Concrete sealers ready for application come in acrylic, epoxy or urethane. Each has its own virtues.

Step 2

Think about the differences of each. An acrylic sealer protects from penetration. Epoxy does the same but is stronger and can be an issue if moisture is trapped in the concrete before application. Urethane is more helpful in resisting abrasion.

Step 3

Prepare the surface of the concrete first. Clean it thoroughly with a high pressure washer using soap and water. This will remove any surface dirt that has collected on the concrete.

Step 4

Etch the concrete with a vinegar or thin muriatic acid solution. Both of these will be combined with water-for the muriatic acid, use instructions on the jug. Wash this on by using a sprayer. Then wash it off with clear water. This process removes lime that has come to the surface.

Step 5

Brush or spray on the concrete sealer following the directions on the can. Different types of sealers have different directions to achieve an excellent finish. You need a brush or sprayer here.

Step 6

Apply an even coat and allow it to dry (or cure) thoroughly. This will take anywhere from one to seven days. Again, observe the curing process according to directions. The concrete often requires a second coat; check the instructions on the sealer container.

Step 7

Add stain if desired.