How to Build a Hose Reel

Garden hoses are durable, but proper storage will add years to their lives. If a garden hose if left on the ground in a jumbled mess, kinks and twists can lead to cracks, creases and even leaks. This damage requires tedious repairs or replacement. To properly store a hose, you should use a hose reel. This device will act as a spool the hose can be neatly wrapped around to keep it free of kinks.

A properly stored hose will last for many years.

Step 1

Place one of the pieces of wood between two vices.

Step 2

Measure and mark the center of the piece of wood.

Step 3

Use a scroll saw to cut a 2-inch circle in the center of the piece of wood.

Step 4

Repeat the measuring, marking and cutting process for the remaining piece of wood.

Step 5

Use a brush to spread a thin, smooth layer of epoxy to the outside of one end of the PVC pipe. An application brush is typically supplied with the epoxy.

Step 6

Insert the epoxy-coated end of the PVC pipe into the hole in one of the pieces of wood. Allow the epoxy to dry completely. This may take an hour or so. Dry epoxy will not be tacky to the touch. Consult with your particular brand of epoxy for exact drying times. Repeat this process for the remaining side of the PVC pipe and piece of wood. The two pieces of wood should be aligned so they are parallel to one another.

Step 7

Stand the PVC pipe and wood contraption so that one piece of the wood is flat on the ground and the PVC pipe is perpendicular to the ground.

Step 8

Drill a hole in the PVC pipe near the ground and the bottom piece of wood.

Step 9

Screw the "J" hook into the hole you drilled.

Step 10

Dig a hole in the ground. The hole should be located near the water supply that will be used for the hose. Make the hole about 12 inches deep.

Step 11

Insert a dowel into the hole so it is perpendicular to the ground. Fill in the dirt around the dowel so the dowel is secured. Compact the dirt tightly around the dowel.

Step 12

Place the remaining piece of PVC pipe over the dowel.

Step 13

Slide the PVC pipe and wood structure on the dowel and on top of the PVC pipe already in place. Position the "J" hook so it faces up.

Step 14

Connect one end of your hose to the faucet at your water source.

Step 15

Slide the remaining end of the hose over the "J" hook.

Step 16

Wrap the hose around the reel. Begin the wrapping at the bottom of the reel. Work upward around the PVC pipe reel stacking the hose on itself. Work back down using the same method in reverse when you reach the top of the reel. Each time you go up and down, you will create a new layer.