New siding makes a dramatic change to the appearance of a home's exterior. While such a major change also carries a large price tag, mobile home owners have an advantage in that their homes are smaller than most traditional, stick-built houses. The smaller size of the structure means there is less surface area to cover with siding, making it a much less expensive endeavor.

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When purchasing building materials like siding in smaller quantities, there some money-saving options that can help improve the appearance of your home without straining your budget.

Siding Closeouts and Odd Lots

Sometimes, companies stop producing siding in certain colors or styles. When this happens, retailers often sell remaining stock of discontinued products at discounted rates.

When stores have these closeout deals, they cannot reorder any more stock. The amounts remaining may not provide enough coverage for larger houses but are ideal for small structures like mobile homes. Be certain to purchase enough siding to complete the project because you will likely be unable to find additional siding later if needed. In this case, purchasing a little extra is far better than not getting enough.

Salvaged Building Materials

A growing number of building supply salvage businesses, like New England's Renew Building Materials & Salvage, offer home owners and contractors an inexpensive alternative to traditional building supply warehouses and lumberyards. Not only do these businesses make remodeling accessible to low-income families, they also help reduce the amount of building supplies placed in landfills.

These stores often offer deconstruction services as a means of stocking their shelves. Unlike traditional demolition, in which the structure is reduced to unusable rubble, deconstruction involves carefully taking the structure apart piece by piece. By deconstructing rather than demolishing, a large percentage of the structure's building materials can be reused.

Stock at salvaged building material stores is constantly rotating and always varies, so it may take some time to acquire the appropriate amount of siding for your project. Some research into salvaged building supply companies in your area and a little bit of patience can pay off greatly, saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Mix and Match Siding

If you are unable to find enough siding for your entire project at discount prices, consider using multiple types or colors of siding for your project. Carefully planned and installed, mix-and-match siding can give your mobile home a distinctive look without feeling mismatched.

For example, using a faux stone or brick siding around the bottom of your mobile home topped with vinyl or aluminum siding will give the illusion of a foundation. Using plain siding around the bulk of the home and adding cedar shake siding around the home's entryway is another creative way to stretch odd amounts of siding and create architectural interest.