With the recent concern over home heating costs, anthracite coal is re-surging in popularity. For many consumers, a greener option such as natural gas or solar power is not yet affordable or accessible.

No longer the dirty process of yesteryear's bituminous coal, anthracite is proving itself to be a viable option to other heat sources. Because there is a curve in learning how to burn anthracite coal, you need to know exactly what to do.

Step 1

Open your coal stove or furnace, dampers and ash door and place loose newspaper on top of the grate.

Step 2

Criss-cross kindling on top of the paper.

Step 3

Keep the draft control and flue damper fully open and light the kindling; close the door.

Step 4

Add small pieces of hardwood after several minutes of the kindling burning.

Step 5

Add small amounts of coal (one or two shovelfuls) once you have a layer of red wood coals built up. Distribute evenly as best you can, then close the stove or furnace door.

Step 6

Continue adding shovelfuls of coal (waiting five to 10 minutes between additions) until you have about a 3-inch burning bed built up.

Step 7

Fill until it reaches the top of the firebrick.

Step 8

Turn the draft control down once your coal is fully ignited and burning well. Ensure the ash door is closed.