How to Install a Screen Door

How to Install a Screen Door. Enjoy mild weather days by using screen doors to let the fresh air indoors. These secondary exterior doors fit over your front or back doors. Made of wood, vinyl or metal, screen doors all share a screen area similar to window screen on the top half of the door. Some doors also include screen panels on the bottom. Follow these steps to install a screen door.

Step 1

Measure the width and height of the inside of your door opening with a tape measure.

Step 2

Find a screen door as close to the measurements of your door opening as possible. You might have to trim a screen door to fit. If your new screen door is too wide, cut an equal amount from each side before installing.

Step 3

Screw in surface mounted hinges into the frame of your door. Use at least three hinges in the frame to attach the screen door to. If the frame doesn't come with pre-drilled holes, you may have to drill pilot holes.

Step 4

Drill pilot holes in the door for the hinges. Make certain the hinges in the door line up to those in the door frame. Screw in the screws and hinges. Attach the handle to the door plus any door latches to the frame.

Step 5

Lift the screen door and place it in the frame, checking it for fit. If needed, remove it to trim for a better fit. You may need help placing the screen door back in the frame. One person to hold the door while the other attaches the door to the frame.

Step 6

Install the hydraulic or pneumatic closers that came with the door. These may have springs or chain stops to keep the door from slamming.

Step 7

Make certain your screen door opens and closes with ease and that the fit is good. Make adjustments as needed.