Larson Door Closer Instructions

Larson door closers are part of the Larson storm-door hardware, and operate with washers and hinges to close the door. These mechanisms look similar to other door closers with a long closer piece and connecting brackets. The instructions may vary depending on the storm-door model you have installed and whether it opens to the left or the right. Affixing the closer to the hinge-side jamb may be the most difficult aspect to this simple project. The hardware required comes with the storm door.

Step 1

Pull out the extend rod 1/4 inch from the closer. Slide the "hold open" washer down the length of the rod until it sits behind the flanges and rests against the closer.

Step 2

Slide the door bracket onto the end of the closer and screw with the two 5/8-inch round head screws. Slide the long connecting pin through the top of the door bracket and through the closer.

Step 3

Position the closer within the side jamb bracket. Slide the short connecting pin through the top of the side jamb bracket and through the closer to hold it in place.

Step 4

Position the side jamb bracket on the hinge side jamb 3 inches below the door window and 1/4 inch from the storm door. Screw the side jamb bracket to the hinge-side jamb with the four 1 1/2-inch screws.

Step 5

Close and latch the door.