My Carlon Plug-In Chime Doorbell Is Not Working

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Carlon has a variety of plug-in chime doorbell models. Each one operates much the same. Any problems with the doorbell not working are likely the result of a few causes. Most issues are related to battery issues, an incorrect installation or a range distance greater than specified by Carlon.

How It Works

A Carlon door chime button is tape- or screw-mounted onto exterior siding or a door frame. The door chime receiver is plugged into any standard 120-volt standard household wall outlet. The outlet must not be controlled by a switch. When the button is pressed outside, the receiver transmits the chime inside the home.

Installation Problems

To prevent problems during installation that may affect the operation of the doorbell, keep all parts free of dust, dirt, oil and other residue. Installing the button on aluminum siding or a metal door frame may reduce the allowable range between the button and the receiver. The doorbell does not work if the two units are not within range. An incorrect battery installation is sometimes the cause when the doorbell does not sound. Use a ballpoint pen to push the tab up to access the battery compartment on the transmitter. Position the pen underneath the batteries to push them up and out of the compartment. Replace them with new batteries, with the positive side up.

Other Problems

Verify the volume is turned up if the doorbell doesn't sound when the button is pressed. The volume control is located on the back of the receiver. Place the receiver and button at a distance within the allowable operating range. The range may vary slightly with each model, but Carlon operating ranges are typically about 150 feet.

Warnings and Tips

Do not press or hit the chime button when removing the cover to access the batteries; this may damage the button. Dispose of batteries immediately. For battery replacement, use only UL-approved lithium batteries, as recommended by Carlon. If another wireless door chime system is within range and on the same frequency, it may affect the receiver's operation. Most often the receiver plays without anyone pressing the button when this is the case. Change the privacy code on the unit to resolve the issue.

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