How to Get Attic Access in a Manufactured House

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Things You'll Need

  • 4 wood boards, 2 by 4 by 24 inches

  • Self-tapping wood screws

  • Drill with Phillips-head attachment

  • Pencil

  • Reciprocating saw

  • Stud finder

  • Hammer


You can create some additional support by cutting 14-inch strips of 2-by-4-inch wood boards, and screwing them into place between the cut studs and uncut studs, flush with the edge of the frame.

Manufactured houses do not usually have attic access because of the limited space between the ceiling and roof. The attic area does have sufficient room for moderate storage, or to access for the purpose of running wires and installing various ceiling fixtures. Opening the ceiling to gain access is not a difficult process. The hardest part of the process requires finding a room that has four walls close enough together to maintain the support of the roof beams while allowing you sufficient room to construct an access hole. A walk-in closet is ideal.


Design and Plan the Access Hole

Step 1

Connect the four 2-by-4-inch boards in a square pattern. You can use boards longer than 24 inches if desired.

Step 2

Screw in two 3-inch self-tapping wood screws into the ends of each board to connect one board to the other.

Step 3

Locate the studs in the ceiling using a stud finder. Studs are spaced 16 inches apart; you want to locate two studs. The access point will use both studs for stability. Mark the location of the studs with a pencil.


Step 4

Hold the frame up to the ceiling so that the two studs are evenly spaced across the length of the frame. Trace the location of the frame onto the ceiling.

Step 5

Hammer a small hole to the sides of each stud. Pull down some of the material by hand to look inside the area. You want to identify if any electrical wires are present. Have an electrician reposition the wires before continuing, if necessary.

Cut and Install the Frame

Step 1

Cut the shape of the frame out of the ceiling with a reciprocating saw. Insert the saw blade into one of the holes created by the hammer and trace the pencil marks carefully, making sure to cut through the ceiling studs as you go.


Step 2

Press the frame into place. The frame should fit securely into the open hole and be flush with the studs.

Step 3

Attach the frame to the studs by drilling two 3-inch self-tapping wood screws through the frame and into the studs at each point where the studs meet the frame.


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